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When you are sightseeing, you need the space to spread out and enjoy the open road. That’s why a powerful and comfortable SUV is a popular option for families or business associates to rent. The Land Rover Discovery Sport comfortably seats five passengers and provides lots of room for several suitcases as well. The Jeep Wrangler is rugged and capable no matter what the road ahead looks like. For the ultimate in luxury, you might prefer the Cadillac Escalade. The tech-laden interior and plush seating allows all travelers to feel like a VIP on their next trip.

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There are few things as exciting as cruising along the coast with the top down while taking in the beauty of the scenery. With the numerous convertible models to choose from, you have your pick from a vast selection. Our Range Rover Evoque Convertible, fitted with a four wheel drive traction, offers the perfect mix between an SUV and cabriolet. With the Ford Mustang GT Convertible, you get to feel some power as you zoom around in style. We also feature the iconic Porsche Boxster Spyder which is sure to turn heads, no matter where you decide to go.

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Drive the perfect mixture of a high-powered sports car with the luxurious style you desire. Our extensive collection of exotic cars turns heads as you experience an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The hybrid BMW i8 has features that make it a superior “green” option while traveling. For intense power and acceleration, the Ferrari California T is guaranteed to impress. For an open-air experience, opt instead for the Mercedes SL Roadster. This sleek convertible has a tech-laden interior and comfortable seating designed for two.

Top Exotic Cars

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Watch jaws drop as you zoom by in a luxury vehicle during your next trip. With the sexy styling, innovative designs and stylish interiors, this line of cars offers everything you need to relax on the road. The Range Rover Vogue is a five-passenger SUV that is powered by a mighty diesel engine. If you want to experience the wind in your air, then the classy Ford Mustang GT Convertible is more your speed. For prestigious travel, slide behind the wheel of our Mercedes S-Class and enjoy its lavish interior and pampering seats. which has enough room for five plus all your luggage as well.

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Choose a model that showcases modern body lines with iconic designs. These muscle cars display the classic aesthetic of the most models of years gone by. Pair the intense power with sleek style to stand out from the crowd. Sink in the bucket seats of the Ford Mustang and experience classic racing style. Experience an American roadster when you get behind the wheel of a Corvette Stingray Convertible.. Wrap your hands around the Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack to feel the thrill of having 475 horsepower propelling you along. With the deep roar from the chrome tipped dual exhaust, everyone will hear you coming.

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Feel extreme speeds when you get into the cockpit of a sports car. Travel with the best in automotive engineering, comfort and style in these nimble machines. Our luxurious Audi S5 Coupe has enough room for four passengers and offers some sleek styling. We also feature the mighty and powerful Dodge Challenger R/T that is sure to turn heads as you roar down the road. The Porsche 911 Turbo is another icon that is set apart by its intense sound. Not only does it announce its arrival with the engine, but you’ll enjoy the audio performance occurring inside.

Top Sport Cars

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Everyone needs to experience driving a supercar at least once in their lifetime. Nothing compares to the anticipation, excitement and adrenaline rush that occurs when the car is about to launch. The Mercedes SL63 AMG pairs the pedigree racing feeling with comfort and luxury. It’s the epitome of fine German engineering. With the Ferrari FF, you can travel with more passengers and still have the unique Ferrari experience, plus it has four-wheel drive. What most people dream about is the Lamborghini Huracan. It delivers raw power, elegant styling and innovative features sure to impress.

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